Will NFTs Kill Traditional Art? (alarming Truth 2022)

Will NFTs Replace/Kill Traditional Art?

Streaming services, Netflix, and Youtube are killing the TV industry.

It’s true. Netflix has done it before! Remember when Blockbuster was king? Well, even if you do, it already lies in the past.

Old things die, and new things emerge. Cassettes, CDs, diskettes… you name it. All of them got replaced with something new.

So the question lies: 

Will NFTs replace traditional art?

Lets dive into it

A New Era Of Art

For centuries, “Kings, Queens, and Noble Folk” decided which art was relevant.”

Then, the tide shifted. “In the Victorian Era of the 1800s, Galleries, Museums, and Collectors began to move markets.” The problem here was that people had no access to these artists. 

Now we enter the age of NFTs

No museums.No galleries, except for the ones run by collectors themselves.“ A lot of well-known artists emerged from this change of paradigm.

But that’ isn’t all, “anyone, anywhere in the world, with no invitation, can create a drop (most popular one being Opensea).” And the power has shifted to the consumer. “YOU can decide which artists define this generation.”

Why Are NFTs So Special?

Creating an NFT (non-fungible token) does two things: It proves ownership and it ensures scarcity.

The scarcity is really important. If you want to make money selling something that exists only digitally then the problem is that everything digital can be infinitely copied so there’s no way to ensure that you’re making any money at all. NFTs don’t stop people from copying them.

But they let you tell the difference between the copies from the one original, through the blockchain. And they show, through the ledger, who owns it.

The Impact Of NFTs On Artists

You would think that many artist are against NFTs and absoulutely hate the concept of it.

Well, you’re wrong.

Artists who finally found an opportunity in the NFT ecosystem are likely to be disappointed by the claim that NFTs aren’t art.

Many NFT artists are traditional artists who have moved their artwork onto the blockchain and, for the first times in their lives, have been able to earn a living from their art. NFTs are killing the starving artist stereotype and creating a modern financially stable artist. The old era of art was all about privilege, based entirely on connections and money. With the rise of blockchain technology, the NFT era of art is empowering anyone who wants to create art. That is history.


"This digital art market is only getting warmed up and it could quite easily take over the US$67 billion (physical) art market in the not too distant future"

Trevor James, Artist

Will NFTs Kill Traditional Art?

Well, no. However the digital art industry will only becoming bigger in the upcoming years. Although non-fungible tokens are still new to many people, they have a great future. They are perfect for artists because of the unique way they can be used to represent art. NFTs are also a great way for artist to become financially more stable than ever.

We hope that more people will start using NFTs in the future so that artists can get the recognition they deserve.

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