Why It’s Embarrassing To Screenshot NFTs

Why its embarrassing to screenshot nfts

Hahaha, that NFT above sold for 1.4 Million!

I just screenshotted the nft and got it for free 😉

Why doesn’t  that exactly work? Let’s get into it.

NFTs cannot be copied, but digital work can

People often think that it is easy to copy an NFT, by just screenshotting it.

This isn’t actually true. While the digital file (image, audio or video) can be copied, this doesn’t mean that the NFT can be.

But where is the difference?

The NFT is the document that proves ownership, serves as an authenticator for digital assets, and acts as a contract that identifies you as the legitimate owner of a certain digital asset with all of the rights to boast about it.

To put it simple: The NFT is what verifies that your version of the digital art is genuine and not a duplicate.

If you screenshot an NFT how do you verify it is the original work of art and not just some duplicate?

Screenshot nft

There’s a lot of buzz about NFTs .

A normal person might think that by taking screenshot or photo their holding rights would be transferred over, but actually this isn’t true because it doesn’t change anything with regards for ownership status-you’re still just borrowing the piece from its original owner.

In the same way, taking a picture of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre does not make you the rightful owner of the artwork. The same is true with NFTs for digital art. By taking a screenshot of an NFT, you do not become the owner of it.

If someone actually flexes or worse, tries to sell a fake, the blockchain on which it was built saves us.

All NFTs can be tracked back to their origin, with all sales, ownerships, and prices visible on a public ledger.

You should check the provenance of anything on OpenSea, Rarible, or AtomicHub that seems too good to be true, like a CryptoPunk selling for $1,000.


Digital art pieces and collectibles are easy to copy. Furthermore, what’s easily copied in the digital world is the image, audio, or video itself – the NFT isn’t.

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