Where To Sell Your NFT (3 Free Ways)

Where to sell your nft

Best Place To Sell Your NFT

The hype around NFTs is real. 

If you want to get started and sell your own NFT, here are the best ways to sell your NFT:

Use A NFT Marketplace

There are various ways to sell NFTs. The easiest and most popular way it to use an NFT Marketplace.

What is a NFT Marketplace?

To put it simple its a digital marketplace for you to sell your own NFTs, or to invest in someone else’s.

Here are the 3 most popular NFT marketplaces:


In the NFT market, OpenSea leads.

You can sign up for OpenSea free of charge and browse its extensive catalog of digital assets. Furthermore, it supports artists and creators with an easy-to-use process for creating your own NFT.

There are more than 150 different payment tokens supported by the marketplace, so its name is appropriate. OpenSea is a great place to start if you’re new to the NFT world.

According to OpenSea, the marketplace now supports Polygon cryptocurrency, which means you won’t have to pay fees when you make trades and artists can finally earn their way into crypto. 



Pros & Cons
  • Buy and sell all types of NFT
  • Over 150 cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Supports Polygon blockchain
  • High Gas fees when used with Ethereum


In the crypto space, Rareible is one of the oldest and most successful NFT marketplaces, linking sellers to buyers and minting NFTs.

Rarible is a marketplace for individual pieces of art and collections.

The NFT Marketplace attracts sports, gaming, and media brands as well as artists releasing collections.

Rarible is a community-owned platform that promotes decentralization. RARI is the platform’s own token, and users can vote for platform upgrades and participate in moderation.


Pros & Cons
  • 3 different blockchains to choose from
  • Community-Based
  • Low Gas fees compared to Opensea


The gallery-like atmosphere of SuperRare complements is unique.

It is an art-first marketplace that prioritizes credibility and artistic intent over meme-friendly art.

SuperRare is not filled with celebrity NFTs.

With this approach, SuperRare feels like a high-end gallery, and is further enhanced by only allowing its artists to mint one original; there are no Editions. It creates scarcity and, as its name suggests, rarity.


Pros & Cons
  • Curated and rare artwork
  • High-End marketplace
  • You have to apply to sell your NFT

The Winner Of NFT Marketplaces

The winner is: Opensea

NFT Marketplaces are the best way to get yourself into the NFT world.

There are many options out there but if you are looking for an easy way to invest into NFTs you should definitely check out Opensea.

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