What Is The Decentraland? (2022 Guide)

what is the decentraland

What is the Decentraland?

Decentraland is among the first initiatives to create an entirely new world, a Internet that is decentralized. As opposed to traditional online communities like Facebook or Twitter In Decentraland it is the people who have their own digital assets. 

Like the other virtual reality (VR) platform it allows you to connect and explore with others from all over the world and experience virtual reality experiences that are social. 

The aim of Decentraland is the creation of an open-source platform for users to create whatever they like in this decentralized virtual world which includes virtual stores, casinos online social media platforms or whatever else you could think of.

Here is easy explanation: The Decentraland is in a way similar to virtual reality games, but is more realistic and immersive as it is the owner of assets. From digital skyscrapers to rapid transport systems , to movie theatres and hotels, everything you can find in the real world is accessible.

How Does Decentraland Work?

The Decentraland project (MANA) aims to create a shared virtual space that is owned by its users and controlled by no other 3rd party. Contrary to the traditional platforms for social media on Decentraland you will own your content. This means that the moment you make your own avatar for Decentraland you are able to offer it for sale or offer it for another person.

This is a distributed system built using blockchain technology. It allows the creation of augmented-reality land where people can purchase lease, trade, or purchase land parcels. Digital assets, including land, are saved in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain.

There are 90,601 parcels of land that are virtual in the system. Each one is made up of an NFT called”LAND. So that a LAND transaction constitutes an NFT transaction.

When a piece of land is purchased, it may be used to construct completely virtual cities.

As a decentralized virtual-reality platform Decentraland allows its customers to build their own VR worlds as well as monetize their content. Users can also earn Decentraland tokens for hosting others in their VR world.

Decentraland operates its own blockchain that is called Ethereum Aland, and allows users to conduct custom transactions through the blockchain. It is unique in that content ownership is completely secure and censorship-resistant–no one can change or censor content inside Decentraland because it’s built on a peer-to-peer network with strong cryptography.

There are a few things to do when you visit Decentraland It’s a platform to meet, purchase or sell products as well as utilize crypto to enter into a VR world in which you are able to influence the way the world is created.

How Can I Buy Land In Decentraland?

Land in Decentraland can be purchased with a cryptocurrency called MANA that is totally decentralised.

In actuality every transaction in the virtual world are conducted with MANA. Trade takes place on its market -it is a single-stop shop for Estates, LAND, avatars and the items users will require to construct their own world.

The ownership of land is tracked through the Ethereum blockchain, and users are required to keep all of their MANA tokens inside the Ethereum wallet. As of this the writing, one MANA was worth USD 5.08.

The platform lets designers create their own worlds using animation and interactivity.


Benefits Of The Decentraland

Virtual reality that is decentralized has many advantages and benefits, such as:

  • Freedom

Virtual reality provides an interactive and immersive experience. As technology develops and technology advances, so too does the need for better methods of managing content that is being produced. In Decentraland’s world the users are in control of all their assets digitally, which gives them total control and the freedom to do what they like with them, from trading them, to selling them, or even keeping them for as long as they want.

  • Ownership

Decentraland utilizes blockchain technology to run everything from purchasing land to processing purchases on its platform. It’s an innovative approach as it provides users with the benefits they deserve, ownership in their own digital asset, without worrying about a central firm taking over everything or charging a high cost for goods.


Also, Decentraland democratizes virtual reality by making it available to all, while making sure that users have complete control over their creations.

  • Privacy

The virtual reality of Decentraland was made to be entirely private. In Decentraland you enjoy total autonomy over the experience. No one else is able to determine what you’re doing in VR. This is quite different from the metaverse, which is highly dependent on centralized technology and servers.

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