What Is A NFT Whitelist (And Why Its Important To Use Them)

You’re wondering what an NFT Whitelist is?

Perhaps you’ve wondered how you can get onto the whitelist for a particular NFT project?

You’re clearly not alone because by this point everyone has realized that getting into the NFT whitelist  incredibly lucrative.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an influencer to get early access to investment opportunities.

This guide explains what NFT whitelisting means, what it entails, and how you can get onto one if you want to participate in a presale.

What Is An NFT Whitelist?

To keep it short: 

When you’re whitelisted for the NFT launch, it means that your wallet address has been added onto a list with special mint rights. Usually, this will guarantee you an option to mint one or multiple NFTs before the launch date and at a cheaper price.

The timeframe can vary but it is usually between 24 and 48 hours before the official public sale of the NFT project.

If you’ve been added to the whitelist, it means you’ve fulfilled the requirements set out by the founding team.

What Are The Benefits Of A Whitelist?

Whitelisting allows for NFT project founders to reward early adopters for helping to promote the project or contributing to the community. Early supporters who help to promote or contribute to the community can receive early access to a pre sale phase as well as potentially receive a lower mint price. 

However, the main benefit is gas fees

So, the two main benefits of using a  Whitelist for an NFT project is :

  • To reward early supports of the project
  • To prevent high gas fees

How Do I Get On A NFT Whitelist?

In order to get on an NFT whitelist, you have to find a new project that has not launched yet.

You can join their Discord community to find out more about the requirements are for their white list. Most projects will require you to promote them in return. In most cases this involves invite people to their discord server.  

Follow the instructions and request your wallet address to be included on the list, after you followed the requirements.

Find Eye-Catching Drops


Finding projects pre-release is actually a lot easier and less time consuming than it may seem.

If you’re very active on Twitter, you’ll automatically bump into lots of new projects.

If you simply want a quick list of upcoming nft launches,  you can simply check out NFTlaunches that show a list of upcoming nft projects.

However, make sure that you always do some research before jumping into any new project.

It contains the having the largest collection of projects, it features all the key info about each project on the main page: mint date, website address, social media links, number in a collection, and mint price.


Tech is moving fast. Crypto is moving faster than ever before. And NFTs are moving at an even faster pace.

It was an explosive year for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and early participants were lucky to bet on the right horses.

As everyone rushed to get into the “next big thing”, OpenSea gas fees skyrocketed and continue to remain very expensive.

Most small investors simply cannot afford to spend $100 on gas fees, which may be more than the NFT itself

Therefore most projects now use a whitelisted approach for their NFT pre-sale in order to reduce the impact from high fees.

Even though a lot of this might sound new and confusing to you, please keep in mind that these are still very new times and therefore not everything is completely perfect yet.

The NFT industry is evolving and improving.

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