What Is An NFT Drop (Easy 30 Seconds Explanation)

What is an nft drop

An NFT drop is the release of an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collection. It’s the date when a line of NTFs become available for investors to buy.

Being one of the first people to buy an item when it drops means you’re likely to be able to purchase it for less than others who wait until later.

You can see some existing NFT Projects at Opensea

Here are some general tips when looking forward to a NFT drop

1. Spend What You Can Loose

It pretty much speaks for itself. And NFTs, like anything else in crypto, are extremely good at making people FOMO in and out. Especially now that the NFT frenzy is getting more and more attention from different industries.

Don’t let yourself be scared off by the fear of missing out, that you end up investing more money than you can afford to loose.

2. Do Your Research

People who aren’t smart enough to do their own homework are often so gullible when it comes time for new products.

As with any other kind of scam, with research you can avoid it. For a full breakdown on how to identify good projects, check our article here

Find Eye-Catching Drops


To keep up to date with new upcoming NFT projects, visit NFTLaunches Apart from having the largest collection of projects, it features all the key info about each project on the main page: mint date, website address, social media links, number in a collection, and most importantly, the mint price.

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