What Are NFT Domains (The Killer Of Normal Domains?)

what are nft domains

NFT domains are clearly the future of the internet, even though traditional domains only display websites. NFT domains can change everything about the internet.

NFT domains allow users to control their data and have complete ownership. NFT domains allow you to host websites online using Web3.

Continue reading to learn more about NFT domains, and what they can offer.

What Is An NFT Domain?

Domains such as .com, .org, and .net were intended to be more than what they are today. The function of websites has not changed much over the past 10-15 years. Actually, the only thing that has changed in the function of websites is their appearance, and possibly the speed at which it operates.

This is due in large part to the fact traditional domains have been managed by centralized servers ever since the internet’s launch to the public in 1993. Developers have limited their capabilities in this area.

NFT domains are a great solution. These domains are decentralized and open up a whole new world of possibilities for creating websites and transacting with each other.

NFT domains are a great option because you only have to pay one-time fees and retain full control over your domain and all its content. Traditional domains require you to pay yearly fees, and limit what you can do with your domain. If an entity wants to take down your domain, they can. NFT domains are not allowed.

You might be wondering what you can do with an NFT domain. It’s a great question. Let me explain.

Benefits Of A NFT Domain

The ability to fractionalize an NFT has many benefits. A fractionalization allows you to make an asset that was previously unattainable to most people by dividing one NFT into smaller parts that can prove partial ownership. There are many benefits to fractionalized NFTs.

  • Send & Receive Cryptocurrency

Your NFT domain can also act as your Web3 wallet. Instead of having to remember a complicated address and then verify it, you can use your NFTdomain name to send and get cryptocurrency payments.

Let’s suppose you wanted to send some Ethereum to NFTLaunches. You would only need to go to your Web3 wallet and enter the amount, then add the recipient “NFTLaunches.NFT”, and hit send. It is not necessary to provide a complicated address.

  • Create & Host Web3 Websites

You can build your own Web3 site with NFT domains. Your Web 2.0 site can be linked to your NFT domain via IPFS. Or, you can create a new IPFS-hosted website.

  • No Annual Fees

NFT domains are free of annual fees. NFT domains can be owned by anyone, as they are accessible on a public blockchain. The domain is not subject to a renewal deadline and there is no expiration date. The domain is purchased with a one-time payment.

  • Full Ownership

You own the domain name when you purchase an NFT domain. You will never be forced to take it down and only one-time fees are required to own your domain.

Cons Of A NFT Domain

  • NFT domains won't appear in search results

Your NFT domain will not be displayed by search engines such as Google yet. Google will reward you if you have a blog, or any other type of website that provides valuable content. NFT domains cannot be indexed by Google in order to show up in search results. This is a temporary problem, however.

  • Risky As An Investment

You can always lose if someone else wants to purchase the domain you’re selling if you buy NFT domains for investment. The same goes for NFT domain names. There is no guarantee they will appreciate or retain their value.

fractional nfts


NFT domains will be the future of the internet. NFT domains will soon be used by many websites and businesses. Many of us will also abandon traditional Web 2.0 domains that are centrally managed. They lack all NFT domains have to offer: ownership, control, security and transparency.

NFT domains can be a great way to get started if you’re serious about the next generation of the internet.


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