What Are Fractionalized NFTs (The Cheaper Alternative?)

What Are Fractionalized NFTs?

A report by Blockchain.com stated that more than 90 percent of 21 million bitcoins will be ever available within 12 years of creating the cryptocurrency. 

Satoshi Nakamoto was the creator of Bitcoin. He kept the supply stable to keep it valuable. There are still limited coins available for mining, so there is some question about the future of the Bitcoin economy.


What Is A Fractionalized NFT?

Fractionalized NFT is a NFT that has been divided into multiple tokens. This allows multiple people to share partial ownership of the entire NFT. This allows you to invest in assets at a lower cost than it would otherwise be.

Let’s now discuss how fractionalizing an NFT works.

Benefits Of A Fractionalized NFT

The ability to fractionalize an NFT has many benefits. A fractionalization allows you to make an asset that was previously unattainable to most people by dividing one NFT into smaller parts that can prove partial ownership. There are many benefits to fractionalized NFTs.

  • Cheaper

By breaking down an expensive item into smaller, more affordable tokens, more people can buy the NFTs that they always wanted to collect without having to give up their entire savings.

  • More Community

Artists and brands that have a good reputation are highly sought after, making it more difficult for average people to support and invest in their creations. The creator cannot lower the cost of their work, as it could damage their brand reputation. Fractionalizing an expensive NFT might be a better choice.

You can keep your brand reputation as a creator. However, you can also expand your customer base and diversify your pool of potential buyers for your creations.

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Where To Buy Fractionalized NFTs

NFTs are gaining popularity because they can be profitable investments. Many companies are offering fractionalization services for NFTs. These are the top places to buy fractionalized NFTs.

  • Fractional.art 

Fractional.art allows NFT owners to buy, sell and mint tokenized fractional ownership. Fractional.art offers a variety of popular NFT vaults that include some of the most famous NFTs such as CryptoPunks and Cool Cats.

  • Partybid.app

PartyBid allows users to pool their funds to buy NFTs together. You have two options: join a party or create your own party to bid on NFT auctions and fixed-price listings.
PartyBid can be used to join parties that target NFTs available on Zora Foundation, OpenSea Nouns and Catalog.


NFTs offer a great opportunity for almost everyone. NFTs are a great opportunity for anyone, regardless of whether you’re a collector or an investor.

Many of the most recognizable NFTs, however, have cost more than the average person could afford. F-NFTs are therefore so vital. Fractionalization can be used to unlock NFT liquidity, and build community around NFTs.

Additionally, fractionalization encourages creativity, freedom, access, creativity, diversity and accessibility by lowering barriers to entry for all. What do you think? What would you do if you could only buy a little bit of your favorite NFT?

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