Top 7 Cryptocurrencies To Watch Out For (Massive Gains)

top 7 cryptocurrencies to watch out for

2021 was a very exciting year for cryptocurrency. There are moons as well as dips in every investment. According to CoinMarketCap, the year 2021 began with a rally that saw Ethereum soar more than 500%. This was well ahead of Bitcoin, which has a market capital of $560 billion. Coincu also reported that Ethereum’s market capital was 15% less than Bitcoin’s in 2020. However, it grew to more than 54% of Bitcoins market value. This means that anyone who invests in Ethereum makes more than Bitcoin.

Investors have been speculating about the best cryptocurrencies to invest for 2022, just like in previous years. The year 2022 promises to be a promising year for cryptocurrency investors, as there are already positive developments that will make it easier for them to find cryptocurrencies to invest in. There may be some dips but the projects appear to be ready for growth with the NFT revolution, open finance, Metaverse and Metaverse.

In a recent headline, WhatsApp stated that it would begin accepting cryptocurrency payments. Many other platforms, including Amazon, Microsoft and AXA insurance, are also looking to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

We’ll discuss the top cryptocurrencies you should be looking out for in 2022 to help you in your search. This article was inspired by the number of events that will take place in cryptocurrency 2022. Other topics include the use case, the upcoming Metaverse and web 3.0 and NFT revolution.


Top 7 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In

  • Filecoin

Filecoin, which is a web 3.0 cryptocurrency, is the power behind the filecoin network. This network allows users to store and retrieve any information. File coins can be used to pay for information storage or as an incentive.

When users store data on the file coin, it works in a distributed manner.

This is possible because of its decentralized network system that allows computers from around the world to sustain it. The file coin network is a place for developers from all walks of the world, so it is not surprising that they are thriving.

  • Cardano

It is possible you have wondered what cryptocurrency has been making ETH difficult. This crypto is known as the Eth Killer due to its strong competition with ETH. Experts believe that the Cardano will make Eth more difficult in 2022 because of its historical price. This makes it an attractive investment option for both new and old investors.


Although Cardano saw a huge rise in its value in 2022 it was still below $2. It reached $3 in September before dropping to $2.

We are not sure what Cardano will hold in 2022 but we can be certain of our predictions. These are our predictions.

The fate and destiny of Cardano 2022

The cryptocurrency’s value is expected to increase in value by 2022. Cardano’s price will rise to $3 in 2022 and $7.32 in 2028. Cardano is working hard to create an Ethereum fee and scaleability alternative.


  • Solana

Solana is a permissionless blockchain that provides fast and efficient Defi solutions. Experts agree that Solana is a highly resistant to censorship.

A major project that soared the price of SOL coins was the SFT project “Degenerate Ape Academy.” On mid-August’s launching, the degenerate Ape Academy sold more than 10,000 apes within minutes.

Solana NFTs were not as congested as ETH-based NFTs and did not charge an inflated transaction fee. This was probably what sparked the huge sales of SOL coin at its launch date.

Experts predict that Solana will go through a phase and correction, and that its price could hit high or low.

Experts predicted that Sol coin prices would reach $300 in 2021. It was projected that it would sell for $210 in November and $220-$240 in December.

Solana’s fate in 2022

We believe that the Sol coin’s volatility will be lower if it remains above $200 in 2022. Solana predicts that the coin’s value will rise to $400, but it will remain at $300. Which other coin is the best to invest? SOL coin is a promising investment option with better prospects in 2022.

  • Sandbox

Sandbox is another cryptocurrency worth watching in 2022. It is a crypto-blockchain backed by virtual space. Users can create, play and even buy and sell gaming experiences. Sandbox’s purpose is to provide a platform that allows its users to unleash their creativity.

Its Metaverse uses a PoS (Proof of Stake) mechanism that is paired with tokens, SAND. This offers many benefits. Sandbox was founded in 2011 by Sebastien Borget, and Arthur Madrid. It sold its first land on December 2019.

The platform experienced a slow but steady increase in its value from $0.044064 up to $0.8491 over the past year. It also saw a rise of more than 500% in three months.

It rose sharply to $0.1899 in the second half of this year. This was followed by a steady increase to $0.831 in September.

The fate and future of Sandbox in 2022

Experts predict that Sandbox will reach a two-digit level if it reaches a positive high. If Sandbox falls before the year ends, 2022 could see a bearish note of $1.95.

The Sandbox could be in serious trouble if it doesn’t upgrade. You should still include Sandbox among the cryptocurrencies that you look forward to in 2022.

  • Decentraland

Decentraland was created by Esteban Ordino, Ariel Meilich in 2015. It allows users to buy and sell land parcels within a virtual world. Decentraland is built on the ETH network, and will encourage a global virtual network.

Decentraland allows users to buy and sell virtual property like land, and interact with one another while playing virtual games. The game has grown and developed interactive games, peer to peer communication, and in world payments.

Decentraland raised approximately 90,000 Ethereum in 2017, which amounts to about $26 Million. The software was private from that point until 2022 when it was made available for public use.

Decentraland uses two tokens, MANA and LAND. Experts believe MANA is a better investment, with a 15% increase per year. MANA can even reach $10 within five years, according to some experts.

MANA fluctuated between $3.377 and $8.1 in 2021 with a predicted ending of $7.1 at year’s end.

Decentraland’s fate in 2022

We expect the coin to grow due to the long-term forecast. Decentraland is expected to be worth $7 at the start of the year, and $20 by the end of 2022.

The Metaverse is being adopted by Facebook and other applications. Which cryptocurrency is best to invest? MANA cryptocurrency might be worth your consideration.

  • BNB

Binance is associated with the name BNB as it is a cryptocurrency that can be used for trading and payments of fees. BNB is also useful in loaning and transferring funds to Binance users. Binance is no surprise to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

BNB has an interesting feature that allows it can be exchanged for other currencies like Ethereum, bitcoin and Litecoin. BNB’s value will depend on many factors. BNB launches new products, BNB burns and BNB trashing of other competitors are just a few of the factors that will affect BNB’s value.

BNB began in 2021 with a minimum price of $578.51, and a maximum price of $595.04. It is expected to reach $17 970 by the end of 2021. 51 was the maximum price it could sell at the end.

The fate and future of BNB in 2022

If the predictions are correct, BNB will reach a minimum price of $803. 43 by 2022, and a maximum price of $972.23. BNB should averagely sell for $832.36 throughout the year.

  • Matic

Matic token is a scaling solution that powers Ethereum’s Polygon network. The powering of the Polygon network will make it cheaper and more efficient to conduct transactions on the Ethereum network.

Matic was worth $0.01 in the first half of 2021 and is expected to be worth $2.21 by the end. Matic reached a record high of $2.21 on 18 May. After a prolonged upsurge in April, Matic reached 68.

Matic’s fate in 2022

Experts predict that Matic will have a value of $1.99 at the start of the year, and $3.82 by the end. Matic’s value will increase as Ethereum blockchain upgrades.


You should follow the trend of the world. We believe the world is becoming more familiar with cryptocurrency, and we should too.

You may not know which cryptocurrencies you should invest in. Or you might want to explore other options for an older investor. Do not look too far. We have created guides to help you choose the best cryptocurrency to invest in. You don’t need to read much, we have highlighted the best cryptocurrencies. Enjoy!

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