OpenSea Vs Rarible 2022 (Clear Winner)

Opensea vs rarible

OpenSea Vs Rarible: Who Wins?

The difference between OpenSea and Rarible these two platform is the features they have.

Rarible and OpenSea serve similar purposes but with different integration, making them both extremely useful when it comes down to monetizing digital works.

Here are the 3 main differences:

Supported Wallets

OpenSea says to utilize MetaMask, a browser plugin for dapps, however it may also be used with a number of other applications including Bitski, Coinbase, Arkane Network, Fortmatic, Dapper, Authereum, and Torus.

Rarible is compatible with Metamask, Torus, WalletConnect MyEtherWallet Fortmatic, and Coinbase

Supported Currencies

Unlike Rarible, OpenSea allows you to use both ETH and DAI as well other Ethereum-based tokens.

You can trade 150+ cryptocurrencies on their platform including WHALE REVV WKLAY UNI MANA none of which are available for purchase using bitcoin or fiat currency (USD, GBP AUD etc).

Supports Other Cryptocurrencies
Supports Ethereum


OpenSea and Rarible fees are straightforward: they take 2.5% of all transactions.

That’s it. 

Based In The USA

The Minting Process

nft minting

On Opensea, the NFT is minted when an item is sold. First, you list and offer your art for sale.  Once it is sold, the NFT because part of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Using Rarible, you must first mint your art before offering it for sale. You must pay huge listing fees for your art even if it doesn’t sell.

Conclusion The Winner:

If you’re looking for a place to buy or sell NFTs, OpenSea is the best choice.

Not only does it have a huge database of products, but its transaction fees are also lower than those of rarible.

Plus, OpenSea’s lazy minting process makes it much easier to list new products on the marketplace.

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