NFTs With The Best Utility

nfts with the best utility

NFTs that have utility are an excellent investment future. Our team strongly suggests identifying projects that are useful because they provide real-world, tangible value.

Certain projects have no benefit and have increased value for holders. But, the reality is far less slender than what the stories in the media present.

As of the date of this article there are currently more than 23 million assets on sale on the world’s most popular trading platform for NFTs, OpenSea. Some of these assets may not appreciate, particularly as the NFT marketplace is constantly expanding and just awe-inspiring.

What Is A Utility NFT?

An example of a utility NFT could be when a person receives a physical work of art that is a match to the NFT that they bought.

It can be exclusive accessibility to an occasion, memberships that are exclusive to in-person or even future use of the digital world (think of the game).

Projects that fall within the utility category are the ones that have the most value. There are many examples of utility in which you purchase an NFT and get paintings that are hand-painted; others provide exclusive events, or use in a virtual world (think gaming) or as an element of a real-world building component (like for instance the WOF Labs initiative).

Everyone is hoping for to be the future Crypto Punk or Bored Ape Yacht Club However, the chances of acquiring an extremely high-flying NFT is very low. Supplain’s team Supplain suggests that you focus on NFTs that are useful, have a mission, and a thriving network (like Supplain’s). 

It is not a bad idea to invest in a venture that has practical value. We hope that the NFT will appreciate in value, which will justify the investment.

utility nft veefriends

1. VeeFriends

VeeFriends is a perfect example of trying to give physical utility to an NFT.

VeeFriends is the Gary Vaynerchuck’s success effort to build a community, which converges during VeeCon. VeeCon gathering, which is focused on marketing, business ideas, creative thinking, the entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative.

The NFTs all give holders three years of access to VeeCon Gary’s event on business, marketing ideas, creative thinking as well as entrepreneurship, innovation, and having fun. It’s essentially a huge networking opportunity , as the cost of the floor for the most affordable NFT begins at just under 9 ETH.

2. Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual reality which has an individual DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which transfers control to the virtual users.

The Decentraland world is powered by their market of virtual assets in game like terrain and accessories (for the characters you play) and much other things.

All that is needed to play is a web browser and a cryptocurrency/digital asset wallet like MetaMask. Although the wallet is not required however, it enhances your gaming experience since it keeps all your digital assets secure including names, collectibles and the land.

3. Axie Infinity

Another NFT that can be used for utility can be found in The Axie Infinity initiative. It may perhaps not make the cut for NBA Top Shot, but it’s definitely an collection of art to keep inside your bank account. 

A Ethereum Non-Fungible token is a product inspired by Pokemon and monster games and fighting games, and has gained a lot of popularity within the crypto NFT.


If you invest in this Ethereum token, you’ll gain access into the Discord, Marketplace, and Mavis Hub Community. You’ll also get an ownership certificate to a digital object in the game, and without the tokens might be expensive to buy for players. By using Axis Infinity NFTs, you can build and gain advantages within the game, for example

Staking Tokens for ingame rewards

In the end, users can gain access to additional games from the Axie Infinity Gaming Universe as well as additional features that are added each day.

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