How To Get Verified On OpenSea (2022 Guide)

Maybe you have just launched your NFT project. Would you like to learn how to verify your collection on Opensea?

You’re not the only one. Getting an account or collection verified with a checkmark can be a very exclusive thing in the NFT space.

Verification on OpenSea has many benefits. However, it is very difficult to attain and doesn’t always follow strict rules.

This article, will explain how to obtain the blue checkmark and how to verify your OpenSea account.

Let’s get to it.

Benefits Of Being Verified On OpenSea

Collections and accounts that have a blue checkmark are more visible to the public and can be trusted by buyers.

There are many benefits to having your account or NFT collection verified by OpenSea.

In a world dominated by social currencies, displaying a blue checkmark is a huge symbol of social proof.

You think verification is so popular in social media channels?

It not only proves that your account is authentic, but also indicates that you are an important figure in your industry or community.

OpenSea doesn’t require you to get a blue checkmark on your collection or account. However, it is usually a sign that you are already successful.

OpenSea verification not only helps to prevent people from being scammed with fake collections but it also increases visibility for your NFTs.

If you are trying to figure how you can get views on OpenSea then you will need to know how to verify on OpenSea to help you reach your goal.

Requirements Of Being Verified

Opensea verifiaction requirement

It’s very difficult to verify your status unless you are a public figure.

Blue checkmarks can be reserved for highly-profile public figures and organizations.

If you don’t fit that criteria, your collection must have at least 100ETH in trading volume before they will even consider it.

These are the basic requirements, but individual needs may vary from case to case.

  • Within the last 3 months, you must have sold or bought at least one NFT
  • An email must be set up in your account’s settings
  • You will need a profile picture, and a banner (need an OpenSea template?).
  • OpenSea has not previously violated its terms of service
  • You are a prominent public figure or an organization
  • You represent a well-known brand, which could be at risk of fraud

It is always a good idea to provide examples of previous verification from other social media platforms.

This has been proven to be very effective in finding out how to verify your OpenSea account.

However, due to OpenSea’s central nature, you are ultimately subject to their management.

Ineligible for OpenSea

This is a summary: OpenSea will not verify any derivative projects or spin-offs that have engaged in deceptive or fraudulent behavior, whether they are recent or past.

It might not matter if you meet all the criteria above in some cases.

There are some accounts that are not eligible. It is worth looking into OpenSea to verify your account.

Factors which might be able to lead to this include:

  • Accounts that engage manipulative or deceptive selling, buying, bidding, and offering.
  • Accounts that do not allow the unauthorized use copyrighted material and trademarks.
  • Accounts owned or operated by persons under 18 years of age
  • Anything that violates OpenSea’s terms of service in any way, direct or indirect.

OpenSea does not, in general, verify spin-offs, homage or remix collections at this time (e.g. 0xApes or similar projects.

This is to prevent users from misinterpreting these collections into a formal relationship with the original collection.

Each verification is a lengthy, manual process which requires a lot of vetting.

OpenSea has the sole discretion to verify that there is no right to do so.

OpenSea Verification Step-By-Step

If you feel that your account or collection may meet the requirements for OpenSea verification then it is time to submit your application.

It is very easy to verify your OpenSea account.

We’ll guide you step-by-step


1. Fill Out OpenSea Verification Form

Start off by opening the browser of your choice and navigating to the official OpenSea Verification Form

A brief summary of the verification requirements will be provided to you.

You’ll see two checkboxes at the bottom of your screen for “Account verification” or “Collection verification”.

You will be asked different questions and fields depending on the type of verification that you want.

2. Verify Your Account

You will need to provide the following information if you have chosen to verify you account:

  • OpenSea allows you to link to your OpenSea account
  • Your full name
  • An email address that is valid for your account
  • A LinkedIn, GitHub or Instagram profile can be used to prove identity
  • Link to a post on social media with the wallet address for the profile you wish to verify

Here’s an example on Twitter of such a post.

Finally, confirm that you have verified the information provided and that you have read and agreed to OpenSea’s terms and conditions.

Perhaps you are more interested in learning how to get verified by OpenSea for your collection.

If you have chosen to verify an NFT collection then the questions that you will be asked are slightly different.

  • The name of the project
  • OpenSea: Link to your project’s collection
  • Total trading volume of your collection (in ETH)
  • For more information, please contact us via email
  • A LinkedIn, GitHub or Instagram profile can be used to prove identity
  • Documents that show proof of authorship (see OpenSea’s Proof of Authorship Guidelines for more details)
  • 13 statements you need to confirm are true.

After you have completed the form, click the “Submit” button.

OpenSea will respond within 5 business days. However, it may take longer.

3. Post Wallet Address

Many people feel overwhelmed by the proof-of-identity requirement . However, it is very simple to accomplish.

Copy your OpenSea wallet address . Navigate to your profile, and copy the Ethereum address below your username.

Next, go to one of these social media platforms and write the following (replace address with wallet address, duh!) ):

After you have done this, copy the link to your post.

You can usually do this by tapping on the share icon, then selecting “Copy Link”.

Simply copy it and paste it into your application form.

Now, you just have to wait.

You may be impatient but this is how you get verified on OpenSea.

Final Thoughts

It is very simple to apply for OpenSea Verification

The real challenge is in completing the requirements and then figuring out how you can get verified on OpenSea.

Many people won’t be able to reach the point of being considered relevant enough to get verified on OpenSea.

Those who do so will be members of an elite group of NFT leaders.

Best of luck!

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