How To Buy NFTs On 2022 (Easy Step-By-Step Guide) NTF aims to become the world‘s largest and most user friendly NFT platform. With the aim of accelerating the world’s transformation to cryptocurrency, they are now working on NFTs. launched its NFT platform on March 26th, 2021 The platform is dedicated for collecting and trading unique content from the most popular artists and musicians. These include the likes such as Aston Martin, Boss Logic, Snoop Dogg and Lionel Richie.

Joe Conyers has been appointed the executive vice president of’smainly responsible for overseeing the company’s blockchain initiatives. Joe has been named a digital power player by Billboard Magazine for four consecutive years, and most recently served in his current role as chief strategy officer at Downtown Music Holdings.


How to buy an NFT On

  1. Head over to the NFT Marketplace.
  2. Click on “Sign Up” and create a free account.
  4. Choose a username and password and verify your email address.

Choose A Listing You Want To Buy

When a drop is released, you can access it from the “Drops” section of their site. Inputs If it isn’t live yet, you can also sign up for notifications when they go live.

Find a listing that you want to buy, and this will give you the description of the NTF, plus the description and price. 

When you are happy, click “Buy your NTF”.

You’ll be asked to select a payment method.

Payment Via Crypto Wallet

You can pay using app, Metamask, WalletConnect or any other cryptocurrency wallet.

With the app, payments are incredibly easy to do. Just scan the QR code shown at the screen with your crypto app and confirm the payment And this is instant and there aren’t any network fees to pay.

Metamask, walletconnect, and “other cryptocurrency wallets” allow you to pay using the coins that are listed on Defi Swap.

How To Sell An NFT On

  1. Login to your NFT Marketplace account.
  2. Click “My NFTs” and go to the “Collectables” tab.
  3. Select the item you wish to sell and click “Sell”.
  4. Select one of the 2 pricing models:

Fixed price model

  1. The seller sets a fixed price for the item.
  2. The buyer purchases the item at its fixed price.

Auction model

  1. The seller puts an item up for auction by inputting the end date and minimum bidding amount.

How To Transfer Your NFT Away

The transfer feature is not available yet.

Available Payment Methods

The Marketplace currently supports the following payment methods:

  • Pay with credit card
  • Pay with Crypto (ETH, DODGE,BTC, using pay)
  • Use App
  • Pay via Metamask Browser Wallet

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