How The Nelk Boys Made Over 20 Million In 10 Minutes

What Is The Full Send Metacard?

The Nelk boys launched a collection of 10,000 NFT’s. The public mint price was 0.75 ETH, which comes to around $2050.

That means for one NFT you would have to pay around $2050 (excluding gas fees). When compared with other projects this is a very high mint price for launch.

We answered some of the most popular questions that were on Twitter.

Why Is It So Expensive?

$2,000 for one NFT seems very expensive. Not every average person can drop much money instantly on an NFT.  But why did they price it so high?

There has not been any official roadmap been listed either on their website or on their discord. However, Kyle and the FullSend Team have said the following benefits that will come for their NFT holders:

  • Open exclusive lounges that are only accessible for Full send Meta Cardholders
  • Launch FullSend Festivals exclusively for holders

I am sure more will be released once the official Roadmap is released. Their focus is more on providing the NFT holders physical benefits, such as exclusive lounges.

Kyle, the founder told on a recent podcast that they do not seem to be focused on the Metaverse for now. However, he stated that once the Metaverse starts becoming more integrated into our daily lives, they would also create benefits for the Metaverse.

How Much Money Did The Nelk Boys Make?

How much nelk boys make fullsend nft

The Nelk boys made over 20 Million Dollars in 10 Minutes.

The Math is pretty straightforward. There were a total of 10,000 NFT’s each one priced at 0,75 ETH (around $2,000).

10,000 * 2,000 = 20 Million Dollars. But that’s not it.

They also make 10% royalties on each further transaction,  which will add more millions to that earning.

Was This A Cash Grab?

The answer is no. The Neck Boys have built multiple brands over the years. This includes the FullSend Merchline, HappyDad, and the FullSend Membership.

Kyle said they would not risk ruining the entire brand they have built over the years for a quick cash grab. 

They would instead use the money made from the sale to reinvest back into creating utility for its holders. Creating exclusive physical benefits such as lounges etc… are expensive to buy and run.

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