3 Proven NFT Business Ideas (2022)

proven nft business ideas

You’re probably curious about how to create unique and profitable business ideas that reach NFT audiences, generate income and open up new financial opportunities.

You can turn your spare time into a great opportunity to earn a living with NFTs. To be an NFT entrepreneur, you don’t need to be a digital artist. NFTs can be used for more than crypto art. There are endless opportunities to harness the happiness of this golden rush.

Here are some NFT Business ideas:

youtube nft channel

3 NFT Business Ideas

  • Start A NFT Youtube Channel

You’ll notice that many ideas for NFT businesses revolve around education. There is still much confusion surrounding NFTs.

YouTube is a great educational resource. Despite the fact that YouTube has a lot of comedy skits and cat videos, it’s still one of the most popular sites on the internet. Video tends to get more engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook, where media can be compared.

YouTube’s user base is huge (over two-billion users around the world, including three-quarters of US adults) as well as active (500 hours of video are uploaded each minute ). A small segment of this market could provide a large audience for a new NFT Channel.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be an expert from day one. AltCoin Daily started by covering the most recent crypto news. It now has over 1.2M subscribers. Although there are many NFT channels on YouTube that compete with it, most established companies won’t bother to create a video strategy. There is more to the market than you might think.

Tip: YouTube channel ideas include a weekly NFT market summary, interviews/AMAs with NFT project developers, or a channel dedicated exclusively to reviewing NFT projects and ecosystems.

  • Launch Your Own NFT Collection

NFTs were partly created to allow artists to make more money in a digital world that isn’t very kind to them. The impact of NFT art on digital marketplaces like Rarible.com or Opensea.io is immense.

Creating an NFT collection can be much easier than you think. Major NFT marketplaces have now created guides that will help you get started. OpenSea’s How to create an NFT? is a quick read that shows you how to upload files. For more resources, see our 8 resources for NFT enthusiasts.

This is an easy task if you already own an art collection. Digitalizing your work via NFT minting can at least increase its visibility and could lead to a new revenue stream. It’s unlikely that you will become rich overnight. Beeple, who made only $100 selling pre-NFT digital artwork, went on to sell Everydays to $69 million. Or the pre-teens who are making millions off their collections. If they are able to make a lot of money, then a modest return can be possible.

You don’t need to have art in your collection. Everything from digital clothes to Pokemon cards, to highlights and virtual people can be turned into an NFT. 

Once you’re done with your collection, all that remains is to promote your nft to start gaining exposure


  • Flipping NFTs

It can be that a digital asset’s supply is the key factor that determines its worth. It can be valued if it is scarce. There will be other factors that contribute to the value of NFTs, such as who is releasing them. NFT collectors will be attracted to a limited supply if it is a well-known company or public figure.

Bryson DeChambeau, professional golfer, has a limited edition NFT Collection that was OpenSea published in March. Only four cards were included in the collection, and three of them had 18 editions. There were 57 collectibles in total. This can be very rare if DeChambeau does not release future editions or his star career as a professional golf player continues.

You can learn more about flipping NFTs here

  • Create A NFT Course

NFTs are still a very new concept for many people. People do not know how to navigate this world.

YouTube gives you more control over what content you publish. However, online courses are a great way to learn if your goal is to be more structured in your education. Anyone looking to improve their NFT skills will find an NFT online course appealing.

People want to know more than they just want to, and to be guided. They want to know that the information they are consuming has been carefully curated and is accurate, and they need to hear from reliable sources.

The coronavirus is a major reason why there’s such a demand for online courses. The number of people enrolled in large open online classes has increased dramatically over the last few years. Like flexible work, the “MOOCs” could be a lasting legacy of the pandemic.

Udemy and Teachable are among the trusted platforms that enable you to create an NFT-online course. Before you decide on the right platform, make sure to carefully evaluate features and costs.

If you are really ambitious, can get a NFT certificate. Certificates can be added to your CV and make it easy for people to find work in almost any field that interests them.

Blockchain Council is one of the most popular crypto training providers. It offers a “Certified NFT Expert” certification to those who have completed its five hour course. You could also create a basic certification like the NFT Fundamentals by Blockchain instructor George Levy on Udemy.

Tip: You can also make a NFT course training manual to educate others about the courses and how to prepare them.


NFTs have become a Wild West phenomenon. NFTs are mainstream, and even McDonald’sand Budweiser have adopted them.

NFTs can be used in many industries. Properly utilizing them can lead to endless opportunities for passive income generation. You can start by exploring any of the NFT business ideas that I have created.

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