3 Genius Ways To Find NFT Projects Early

3 genius ways to find nft projects early

With the recent increase in attention to NFTs, many have been selling for millions. One artist even had his entire collection go for over 70 million dollars! The most famous person who has done so is Mike Winkelmann- known by everyone as Beeple (or @Beamps).

With so many different NFT projects, how do you know which ones will be rewarding?

That’s a fair question.

Luckily for us here are the 3 best ways on how to find nft projects early:

Why Random Picks Don't Work

Random picks don’t work because they’re not based on any evidence that the NFT will go up in value.

If you’ve invested before, you know that finding good projects can be hard. The vast majority of projects aren’t good picks for NFTs. Most people don’t possess the skills or resources to create high-quality art, songs, or other forms of entertainment.

Here is something to look out for:

  1. Bad design
  2.  Unengaged team in their discord
  3. Inconsistent quality
  4. No clear Roadmap (sign for Rugpull)
  5. Bought followers on social media (always check engagement)

So, where do you start? How do you start? Well, if you are like most people, you’ll probably browse through the trending collections on platforms like Open Sea or Rarible. However, with thousands of new projects being pumped out on the regular and with the lack of quality control, this strategy is not very effective.

Here are 3 effective ways to find NFT projects early:

find nft projects early

Use A NFT Calendar

The best way to find NFT projects early is to use a NFT Calendar that shows upcoming NFT launches.

NFTlaunches is the ultimate solution to find upcoming NFT Projects that are about to launch.

You can access this website and use it as a starting point for your research at any time because it is free and constantly updated. 

Furthermore, NFTLaunches places all the links for the Project on each page, so you can use it for your research. You can check out their twitter engagement or their discord community all in a few clicks.

NFT creators have to submit their project to be featured on this site, and a running list of upcoming NFT drops are published every week!


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Use Twitter

Twitter is also a popular way to find NFT projects early.

This platform gives you an idea about what popular influencers and buyers in this space are following, which can help anyone with their investment strategies!

You’ll be able make wiser decisions when investing your money by learning from those who have already been there before.

Here are the most popular NFT Marketplaces:

Use Youtube

There are always good YouTube channels in the NFT world you could follow.

Youtubers such as BitBoy Crypto, Crypto Stache, The Bitcoin Express, VoskCoin and many other crypto/NFT Youtubers have created videos on NFT.

So you should always keep up to date with these NFT YouTubers to see what is currently the current hype in the space.

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