3 Best NFT Marketplaces Of 2022 (Popular Elite Choices)

3 best nft marketplaces

If you want to get involved in the NFT craze, then finding the best NFT marketplace is the best place to start. Think of NFT marketplaces as your Amazon of the digital art world.

There are dozens of online marketplaces for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and many of them have their own specific focus or niche.

Before choosing an NFT marketplace, consider what you want from it.

However, here are the top 3 NFT marketplaces to choose from:


1. OpenSea

OpenSea is the leading marketplace for NFTs. OpenSea has all kinds of digital assets available on their platform, and they’re free to browse through them. It also helps artists and creators by providing them with tools to easily create their own NFTs (called minting).

The marketplace supports more then 150 different payment tokens, which means its name is appropriate. If you’re looking for an introduction to the NTF world, OpenSea is an excellent place to start.

At the time of publishing, it had a total trading volume of $6.5 billion, offering NFTs of anything from in-game items, collectibles, art, music, GIFs and more.

To sign up, just connect your MetaMask wallet. Other wallets, including Coinbase Wallet, Bitski, and Formatic, are also supported.

Think of OpenSea like the Amazon of NFT marketplace.



Pros & Cons
  • Buy and sell all types of NFT
  • Over 150 cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Supports Polygon blockchain
  • High Gas fees when used with Ethereum

2. Rarible

Rarible is another large marketplace for NFTs, similar in size to OpenSea. You can buy, sell, or create anything from art, videos, collectible items, and music on the platform. Unlike OpenSea, you’ll use RARIBE tokens to buy and sell on Arkaneum. Rarible is a decentralized marketplace for artworks built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The company has partnered up with some notable companies. Brands like Taco Bell have started listing their artwork on Rarible.

3. SuperRare

SuperRare positions itself as a slightly higher end alternative to Rarible. Where Rarible’s interface bombard you with a dizzying range of flickering GIFs and Live Auctions, SuperRare has a rather minimalist appearance.

It’s also more curated than most other platforms, billing itself as a crypto art platform that encourages the creation and collection of cryptocurrency art. It works closely with musicians and artists, requiring work to be uploaded and approved before it‘s allowed to be listed. Quality over quantity, in other word.

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